Pressure Washing in Melbourne

Perhaps my favourite small business in this whole blog is a pressure washing company based out of Melbourne. This is a business that has only begun operation in 2018, but they are everything we look for in a company when we invest. They focus on delivering the highest quality services while also ensuring that their pricing is competitive, and their customers are happy. They are also very strategic when it comes to profitability also, which makes them the perfect investment.

This is a company that has a significant focus in their field in Melbourne, and as a pressure washing Melbourne based company, they face relatively difficult competition when it comes to their field. However, this doesn’t stop them from competing. Instead, they decided to perfect their own technique to make sure that they can be the best within their field and within their market.

What is also important to note with this company is their focus on customer service. The reason that we decided to invest in them is that they would always get great reviews from all the customers we contacted posing as a market research team. Because we made clear that we weren’t associated to the company in any way at the time, we were looking at getting the most unbiased reviews from each customer.

What we want from a company when we invest is longevity and an owner who truly cares about their customers. That is what we were able to find with Softwash, and that is why we decided to invest so heavily into them. What is most important for a pressure washing company is the ability to invest in their own equipment and supplies, and some additional funds in their own advertising. Alongside our ability to invest into those areas for them while they were able to provide a great service, it became the perfect investment.

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