Top Gun Flight Training Programs

Specialized Endorsements
Tail Wheel, High Altitude, Glass Cockpit, High Performance

How to Apply

To begin the application process.

You may contact Top Gun Flight Academy in any of the following two ways:

  • Telephone: +1-305-910-0230
  • Email:


USA Student Requirements

    if U.S.A. Citizen, Proof of U.S.A. Passport or Birth Certificate. (TSA Not Required)
    If U.S.A. Resident, TSA Fees $130
    Electronic Fingerprint Fees $130




  • Complete the application for admission by contacting
  • Attached with application send copy of passport. Also send copy of pilot's license (if applicable).
  • Send copy of current FAA Medical(if applicable)
  • (Please note: Additional fees are also required by the US Government for a TSA background check if a US Resident, which will be payable to the U.S. government.)


    Foreign License Conversion

    If you hold a pilot’s license or ratings not issued by the FAA and which are not in English, it is strongly recommended to have the aviation authority of the country that issued your license to provide you an official translation into English, before your arrival. Advise your Top Gun Admissions Representative at the time of application if you have a non-FAA-issued license. We will then email you the FAA forms that are required to convert your license to an FAA license.Once the Forms have been sent with all of the necessary information required by the FAA, the verification process usually takes between 4-6 weeks. Once verification of license has been received, student must book an appointment within 60 days of receipt of verification of FAA Verification with Top Gun Flight Academy Admissions to schedule arrival in order to proceed with Conversion.