Pressure Washing in Melbourne

Perhaps my favourite small business in this whole blog is a pressure washing company based out of Melbourne. This is a business that has only begun operation in 2018, but they are everything we look for in a company when we invest. They focus on delivering the highest quality services while also ensuring that their pricing is competitive, and their customers are happy. They are also very strategic when it comes to profitability also, which makes them the perfect investment.

This is a company that has a significant focus in their field in Melbourne, and as a pressure washing Melbourne based company, they face relatively difficult competition when it comes to their field. However, this doesn’t stop them from competing. Instead, they decided to perfect their own technique to make sure that they can be the best within their field and within their market.

What is also important to note with this company is their focus on customer service. The reason that we decided to invest in them is that they would always get great reviews from all the customers we contacted posing as a market research team. Because we made clear that we weren’t associated to the company in any way at the time, we were looking at getting the most unbiased reviews from each customer.

What we want from a company when we invest is longevity and an owner who truly cares about their customers. That is what we were able to find with Softwash, and that is why we decided to invest so heavily into them. What is most important for a pressure washing company is the ability to invest in their own equipment and supplies, and some additional funds in their own advertising. Alongside our ability to invest into those areas for them while they were able to provide a great service, it became the perfect investment.

Restaurant in Bangkok

Now, this blog will go against a lot of what I said in the previous blog, because there is no amount of due diligence high enough when it comes to restaurants in locations around the world. It’s harder to consider due diligence when it comes to restaurants in countries where the currency is significantly weaker than your own because it’s hard not only to gauge the profitability factor against competition, but also just as difficult to tell how much of a profit you will make by the end of it.

What may make investing into restaurants even more difficult is when you factor in the tourism aspect of a restaurant, and local laws that surround it. Those who are knowledgeable about international business will know that you cannot purchase property or businesses in Thailand for example without giving up 51% of it. That means you will always need an investor or a trusted partner alongside it who will own the majority. As you can imagine, it’s tricky.

You will need to trust someone on a significant scale to ensure that you will be giving up most of a business, but that is why you only surround yourself with the best and most loyal in investing.

What is more important however is the profitability aspect, and when it comes to restaurants that rely on tourism being consistently good to be profitable, it becomes a minefield to know which you need to invest into. However, I have a little business secret for all investors.

Only invest into restaurants that the locals like going to. When it comes to tourism, restaurants will always be busy during the busier periods. It doesn’t matter about quality. But those restaurants that are busy during the quiet parts of the year are the ones that are consistently profitable and worth your time.

Accountant firms will invest in restaurants a lot if that is something you want to look into!

Salon in London

One of the most overlooked types of businesses when it comes to investing is cash-based businesses, due to their sometimes-sketchy background or nature. Because cash businesses can be difficult to keep track of genuine accounting – especially for the busier businesses – it can be difficult to not only accurately account for all businesses throughout a working year, but it can be even harder to value a business.

What is even more notable about cash businesses is their difficulty in clearing when it comes to due diligence. Since there is always a possibility of having a cash business run as essentially a money laundering operation by some, there is a lot of hesitation on investing. This could be for several reasons, but what it is ultimately mixed down to is the aspect that it could be a front for illegal activities, which can scare off multiple investors.

That is why it is always important to only invest into businesses that are cash focused if the owner of the business themselves have very stringent accounting systems. If they are not keeping account of their books to the pennies, it can be difficult to feel confident in investing.

There are many salons around London and the United Kingdom, but when it comes to this particular salon, what made them stand out compared to other companies was that they could trace every single penny of profit that they had made to a legitimate source, or at the very least to a receipt, which is more important for a cash business than anything else.

That is why it’s important to make sure that if you are investing, you are confident about the source of income. If you can trace all profits, you will be able to confidently suggest a business as legitimate and operationally sound. Due diligence is always necessary.

Accountant firms are great to look into for investment opportunities!

Flight School in Arizona

Wanting to keep in theme with the name of the blog, there is a fantastic flight school in Arizona that teaches both commercial and private pilots how to fly planes. The planes are of all sizes, including the crop duster type planes all the way to Boeing jumbo jets. With the amount of experience and the amount of staff that they have on hand at the flight school, they can teach their students how to fly most planes in the world including military planes thanks to their own military experience.

Since they have such a deep and delved experience in flying, including the ones who have advanced military experience, there are very few flight schools in the world that have such an experienced group of flight instructors. And when it comes to learning how to do anything including flying, you will always want to be taught by the best.

Safety is always the main consideration when you are learning how to fly. There is so much that you need to learn and so much to take into consideration when it comes to flying. That is why only the best will ever be let onto the course itself, let alone graduate from the class.

That is why this was a business that we had to invest in. We knew that if they keep their standard of excellence when it comes to their stringent qualification marks and their policy of only hiring the very best of instructors, this flight school will be teaching for a very long time.

As we said, when it comes to investing, longevity and the very best in quality is what you want to focus on more than the profitability of the company. And with this company, while they may not admit the most students, you can be sure that they will pass the best students.

Financial Advisor firms should be consulted if this is something you want to start yourself!

Top Gun Flight Academy

Top Gun Flight Academy is a blog that focuses on the very best businesses around the world. We look for the top small and large businesses around the world to find out which companies we can invest into and help grow, or which businesses deserve a bit of additional and real attention thanks to the work that they put in for their customers.

There are many small businesses around the world who do what they can in order to provide the best products and services to their customers, and if you are able to find and invest into these businesses before they generate extreme attention, then you will have a way to make a very large profit on your investment while also finding a company that should be built to last.

It’s also important to make sure that these companies are dedicated towards their customers and the highest quality of work rather than just the aim to make a profit. Making the highest profit possible is not the thing you would want from a company that you want to invest in. While generating high profits are always good, this should never be the key to a good potential investment.

What should be key is their willingness to serve their customers and their focus on ensuring that they are future proofed. This way, you can be certain that you are investing into a company that will be around for a long time. If they can generate increasing profits for you over the next 30 to 40 years, you will have a company that is consistently providing you with a source of income despite what may happen in the future.

We are going to be talking about many companies, so if you are looking for a potential investment make sure to read every day!